Evisort Intelligent Contract Management


End-to-end contract management with AI to get visibility, minimize risks, and maximize revenue

Evisort is an end-to-end contract management solution that drives business outcomes and velocity by automating contract workflows and management.

Evisort applies advanced AI to streamline contract creation and to extract, classify, and track key provisions, dates, and obligations in all contracts across the organization, all delivered through an Azure cloud-based platform.  Increase visibility, reduce risks, and improve efficiency throughout the contract lifecycle with self-service contract creation, automated approval workflows, and the most in-depth and greatest breadth of insights across all contracts.

Evisort Benefits:
Self-service contract creation

Evisort assures new contracts are on Legal-approved template with key provisions and terms to streamline the review and approval process. Gain visibility and accountability with a single platform to collaborate, communicate, review, and approve contracts.

Centralized data repository

Contracts touch every part of an organization, and are typically stored across various ERP systems, storage services, and email inboxes. Evisort integrates with existing systems to provide a centralized data repository from contracts across the organization. 

Automatic extraction of key contract data using AI

Evisort is the only platform that automatically aggregates contracts from across the business and applies proprietary AI to identify over 230 contract types and over 50 key clauses, dates, and meta data from any contract, including 3rd party, for accurate analysis and action

Customizable alerts to stay ahead of notice periods

Set up alerts to stay ahead of notice periods and never miss an auto-renewal, expiration, or rebate. Proactively renegotiate contracts for better terms and cost management. Quickly see all expiration dates from one dashboard.

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