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Exoprise Systems Inc.

Exoprise CloudReady

Monitor ALL of Office 365 With Exoprise CloudReady

Monitor, manage, and optimize the end-user experience for your entire Office 365 deployment. Ensure up-time and availability for ALL of your mission-critical applications no matter where they are deployed.

Cover Your SaaS: Know before your end-users find out, know even before the provider does.

  • End-user experience and uptime monitoring for:
  • Monitor any Azure deployed web application from ALL of your locations.
  • Benchmark your network and Office 365 installation compared to other enterprises around the world.
  • Monitor RDP, VDI and login performance to any virtual desktop deployment.
  • Detect gateway, proxy, ISP and Internet backbone outage and performance problems for all of your locations. Optimize your MPLS, IP and Express route networks.

Deploys in minutes. No servers to setup, no databases to configure and no credit-card required.

Exoprise CloudReady is the platform for end-to-end visibility into the networks and applications your organization relies on.

Find and fix problems fast, manage change, observe trends and improve operations for your entire business.