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QR Code driven restaurant menus and hotel collateral

TidyMenu is a complete content management system for QR Code based Restaurant Menu and Hotel in-room information and assets.  Our web-based platform allows for content to be updated by multiple users in your organization, allowing larger organizations to provide multiple locations the ability to create and manage their own QR code based digital assets.  Imagine instantly updating menus or assets across your organization without the need to re-print QR codes or mail our physical documents to multiple locations.

In addition to uploading PDF menus and building text-based menus, features like enhanced menu design, company logos, item photos, nutritional tags, phone number QR Codes and web links can be used to build a robust digital experience for your guests. 

Backed by Microsoft Azure’s cloud, our service is extremely robust and scalable.  We smoothly handle large spikes in demand that are often seen on holidays or during special events.  When compared to the printing costs of paper menus and assets, the ROI of a digital menu and information system is obvious.

We developed TidyMenu to help restaurant and hotel operators serve customers in a healthy, cost-effective, and environmentally friendly way.   We're hospitality technology veterans that want to see you succeed and provide you with excellent service when you have issues or suggestions.  Learn more at or reach out to us at

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