EY Nexus for Banking

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Accelerate and transform innovation in banking

Solution Overview

EY Nexus for Banking (N4B) harnesses the power of people, ideas and technology to help our financial services clients realize new opportunities, transform operations quickly and at scale, and provide digital-first solutions. N4B, enabled by the Microsoft Cloud for Financial Services, also offers a comprehensive, intelligent, and customer-specific offering, which includes several elements to help you accelerate your digital transformation journey:

  • Merchant Insights: Empowers merchants and businesses to better understand existing and potential customer's behaviors and needs by turning transaction data into insight
  • Intelligent Disputes: Uses data enrichment, spend insights, customer self-service and insights-based claims resolution decisioning to reduce disputes, route disputes for best outcome/resolution and connect users directly to issuers that have their own dispute processes
  • Mortgage “Browse to Book”: Increases application completion rate and customer engagement by reaching applicants at the right moment with a selection of mortgage products and services that best fits their needs
  • Augmented Relationship Management (ARM): Leverages AI to analyze customer intent and sentiment from video, voice and text to surface insights, make recommendations on next best action and enable a richer and more productive customer interaction.
  • Payments Routing Solution: Helps institutional banking clients better transact with financial institutions by integrating with bank's treasury management and payment rails and recommending the most efficient way to make payments

Solution Benefits
  • Faster go-to-market: Accelerates product design  and facilitates new product lines or updates to market quickly
  • Adapt faster to market changes: Helps banks remain competitive and continuously bring new propositions to market by leveraging the latest Microsoft technology
  • Smart data-driven insights: Generates real-time actionable insights for the right customers in the right channels, and at the right time
  • Enhanced service experience: Creates highly personalized, intuitive and efficient banking and product experiences for customers
  • Interchangeable components: Allows banks to adopt a composable business model using interchangeable building blocks and change or rearrange offerings quickly based on their priorities or market trends
  • Trusted & complaint: Leverages EY teams deep understanding of the regulatory landscape within industries to offer a trusted and compliant platform in such a way that your propositions are compliant as well

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