Capital Markets DataHub


Automatically ingest your data, normalize and store in time series, provides data analytics.

DataHub provides a fast and comprehensive answer to the data challenges facing investment managers, all in a consolidated SaaS solution on Microsoft Azure cloud. DataHub allows users to store data centrally, without having to set up their own database; it lets them collaborate with others, and seamlessly share data; and offers a suite of tools to analyze the data. 
DataHub ingests data from 80+ banks, custodians, prime brokers, and other data providers comprising trades, positions, pricing, risk, investor, accounts and regulatory data via multiple protocols and data formats.  DataHub normalizes and stores data in time series, and provides data analytics and reports in one place, reconciled single version of truth and consistent calculations across multiple functions. DataHub provides secure digital access for internal users and investors whether from desktop, table or phone using industrial strength security such as multi-factor authentication, encryption at rest. 

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