Fitness BI

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Fitness BI

Fitness BI offers a comprehensive business intelligence solution for businesses in the Health and Wellness Industry that combines the power of Azure SQL Database and Data Warehouse with Power BI embedded in a proprietary application. The end result is a complete management and reporting suite that closes the data loop on all your siloed data.

Club owners and management can now all work from the same canvas and make more informed, data driven decisions.

With Fitness BI, all of your mission critical data is in one place. Most companies spend hours or days every week manually compiling reports from multiple sources and trying to glean limited insights from them. With Fitness BI, the power of your data is at your fingertips and conveniently accessible through your mobile phone.

In addition, segmenting reports and data is a snap with custom tags and labels in our Fitness BI Application. Simply apply the tag for the report the user should see and it is available. Conversely, if you have sensitive financial data intended only for executives, simply apply the tag for that report only to your intended users. In this manner, available reports and data are limited only for the users that need it.

Fitness BI has you covered end to end. From extracting data from all of your sources to providing a secure data warehouse, to the distribution of reports to the right people; all in a secure environment.

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