avtor: FOXid

Expert Verification ID Cards & Passports

FOXid is a global identity document verification solution that ensures maximum security. The solution verifies all types of official documents in more than 150 countries, through multilevel detection checks certifying documentation authenticity with a reliability of 99.99%.

What FOXid does?

FOXid processes photographs, passports, driving licenses, residence permits or identity documents from any country in the world. It analyses them, and it returns the verification result in few seconds. FOXid works with experienced document experts to apply their knowledge in the solution using artificial intelligence.

What is FOXid good for?

It is perfect for complying with the nominating AML and for mitigating subscription fraud in both online and offline business operations. We work with the most sensitive sectors such as banking, car rental, appointment pages, remittance, currency exchange, online brokers, housing rentals, governments, and security law enforcement.

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