Foxwin innovation management platform

avtor: Foxwin srl

Unleash, catch and realize the ideas that spread well-being in your organization.

Transform ideas into savings and value for the organization

With Foxwin it is possible to create a competition of ideas where all the collaborators can participate in proposing their suggestions.

Problem: Generating innovation
It is essential for an innovation manager to find new products and improve business efficiency in the shortest possible time, reducing waste. 
Solution: Search for ideas internally
Each person, in the role they play, has sufficient skills to improve the processes they are part of. By giving voice to all employees, the company will immediately find how to improve efficiency. 
  1. Collection and evaluation
    Thanks to the software, each employee can propose an idea to improve processes. The control and evaluation of ideas will remain the prerogative of management. 
  2. Speed in the analysis
    The proposals, improved by collective intelligence, will be skimmed and ready for implementation. 
  3. Implementation
    Thanks to Foxwin, each person will be able to apply for ideas, thus helping to lighten the resources necessary for the development plan.

Problem: stand out from the market
Working in the direction of brand identity is essential for the consolidation of the future of the company, and for obtaining the best results in the medium and long term. 

Solution: engage the corporate population

Thanks to collective intelligence, the company can immediately find how to improve its image. And people will be directly connected. 
  1. Analysis and evaluation
    The analysis and evaluation of ideas will remain the prerogative of management. Any strategic decision will always be traced and can be shared. 
  2. Transversal sharing
    Through the software, the CEO can communicate to the entire organization what the annual objectives and results are. 
  3. Enhancement of processes
    The protagonists of the change will be rewarded and the good practices shared with everyone, to share the results obtained with the stakeholders.

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