iRep Security

Gabkotech Innovations Pte Ltd

Integrated and interoperable security management solution

1. Attendance - The attendance module captures the “time in” and “time out” of workers and records useful information such as lateness and overtime etc.  This information can be uploaded into a payroll software to calculate the monthly or weekly salary information.  

2. Periodic Maintenance : The management can schedule periodic or preventive maintenance jobs using the online web portal. They can create and customise such periodic jobs for various project sites and assignments ahead of time to ensure works are carried out timely.   

3. Fault Reporting : The Fault Reporting System allows customers and contractors to view and review all cases (from “Pending” and “Outstanding” to “Rectified” status) in a consolidated report.   

4. Manpower Rostering Planning: The manpower roster planning process begins with determining the manpower requirement for each work shift for a site. 

5. KPI Benchmark Reporting: The management can configure the KPI Benchmark Checklists using the web portal specific to various sites.
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