SwiftAssess: Assessment Management Platform

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An assessment authoring, delivering and tracking platform for a digital transformation journey.

This application is available in English, Arabic, French, Spanish and Portuguese.

SwiftAssess is a One-stop shop for all your Assessment needs, ranging from tried-and-true methodologies and features that guides your journey through Authoring, Delivering and Tracking your assessment transformation strategy at all levels in your organization. SwiftAssess is one of the products designed and developed by GamaLearn. 

SwiftAssess offers multiple key solutions, features and workflows that streamlines and automates real assessment-processes in different institutions. This covers industry standards when it comes to security, accessibility, analytics, item banking and more. It was designed with bespoke components that answers to key-needs when adopted by K-12, Higher-Education and more

SwiftAssess offers the following Products and features: 

    • Digital Assessment 
    • SmartPaper
    • Immersive Assessment 
    • Observer 
    • Test Center

    • Curriculum Management 
    • Question Bank 
    • Test Authoring 
    • Test Delivery 
    • ACU
    • Assignments and Projects 
    • Analytics 
    • Integration/Extensibility 
    • Access Control 
    • Multi-Campus Management
    • Embedded Delivery
    • Security and AI Proctoring
    • Grading

SwiftAssess is applicable in the following Sectors
    • K-12
    • Higher Education 
    • Vocational Education 
    • Certification Centers 
    • Corporate Learning 
    • Content Providers 

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NOTE: SwiftAssess is a subscription-based service and requires either a free pilot or paid plan.

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