GAVS Technologies

GAVel – Predictive Platform for IT Operational Analytics

GAVel is a big data based next generation IT Algorithmic Operations Platform facilitating insightful data aggregation to enable service intelligence through proactive and predictive risk management. The solution uses statistical techniques and machine learning based models to provide insights into future events based on historical incidents, helping IT teams quickly identify patterns, connections, and dependencies within the data, well before a problem occurs.

Increase business systems availability and drive revenues up:

  • Built on Microsoft’s Cortana Intelligent Suite, GAVel offers the IT Organizations a new way to identify and prevent the occurrence of critical business incidents related to Infrastructure and applications. It helps in improving infrastructure availability, operational efficiency and revenues.

Improved High Availability:

  • GAVel’s machine learning predictive models provide insights on potential critical incidents/IT outages with superior Event Correlation preventing outages leading to increased business system uptime.

Reduced Mean Time to Resolve (MTTR):

  • GAVel’s Virtual Supervisor auto-triages IT tickets to enable faster resolution thereby reducing the MTTR. It also provides the Estimated Time to Completion (ETC) for a ticket based on historical data.

360 Degree Environment Awareness:

  • GAVel’s data rich dashboards provide insights on business-critical applications and Incident Management system across the enterprise.

Improved Customer Experience:

  • Superior customer experience is achieved through sentiment analysis of the various incidents in the system using Natural Language Processing (NLP) Algorithms.

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