Airline Network Operations Recovery

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Network Operations provides commercial airlines real-time disruption management & recovery solutions

Did you know airlines worldwide lose $25 billion every year due to costly delays and cancellations? That’s $25 billion due to weather, air traffic congestion, maintenance, crew and operational issues. What’s worse is the impact these delays have on passenger satisfaction and profitability.


What if you had real-time insight into your operations to respond faster to both predictable and unforeseen events to minimize delays and significantly improve the customer experience? Only GE Aviation’s Digital Group delivers powerful cloud-based software applications that collect and analyze data streams in real time across multiple systems to help you recover from disruptions faster and more efficiently than ever—and recoup millions of dollars in the process. It's all about the powerful algorithms and leveraging brilliant data science to solve your toughest problems. 


A proven leader in innovation, GE Aviation’s Digital Group provides Network Operations solutions to some of the world’s top airlines, reducing disruption costs up to 30% and, more importantly, keeping your customers happy and on the move.


GE Aviation’s Network Operations suite of products provides global commercial airlines real-time disruption management and operational efficiency —through operations insights, recovery optimization and passenger protection—to minimize the impact of delays and cancellations with the ultimate goal of improving the customer experience and driving higher profitability.

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