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Cloud-based criminal analysis

Genetec™ Valcri™ is a cloud-based intelligence and investigative analysis system. It collects data from a variety of sources to make sense of incomplete information, generate new insights, and build and test hypotheses to help you understand, investigate, and deter crimes.

Law enforcement agencies are faced with vast amounts of complex data and data sources, evolving requirements for data access and privacy, and increasing responsibilities among their officers and analysts. In response to these challenges, law enforcement agencies are seeking new ways to adapt their workflows for more efficiency and resilience. Understanding and dealing with crime efficiently requires the ability to make use of a vast array of available resources. In many cases, law enforcement agencies are left with disorganized, fragmented data sets and overburdened teams, affecting their overall ability to solve and deter criminal activity. Valcri helps manage your crime analytic workflows by supporting evidence gathering and uncovering hidden patterns. It can access data from multiple sources and formats in minutes, dramatically cutting down on the time-consuming process of manually organizing and analyzing data. Using its interactive visualization interface, users can reconstruct situations, generate insights and reports, and discover new leads, empowering you to make use of valuable insights to derive and support crucial decisions.
Most systems in the intelligence-analysis space focus on crime analysis. Very few combine it with computer-supported storyboards that harness the power of analytics. Valcri provides your team with augmented human intelligence through a correlation engine that retrieves relevant data and discovers novel relationships.

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