GeodataHub V1

avtor: Geodata Informationstechnologie GmbH

A cloud-based solution for smart collection of data from geotechnics and environmental monitoring.

GeodataHub – the unique cloud-based solution for smart collecting, structuring, and analyzing data from geomonitoring, IoT, geotechnics, geodesy, geophysics, hydrology, environmental monitoring, and civil engineering.

If you are responsible for the planning, construction, or operation of infrastructure in your company, then the GeodataHub platform offers the ideal software solution for numerous areas of application. With the comprehensive monitoring platform KRONOS, a wide variety of sensors and data sources can be recorded and integrated. This means you have automated and user-friendly information available at all times. The extremely powerful DEDALOS software for 3D point cloud processing and analysis was developed specifically for tunnel applications.

How you benefit from GeodataHub

Guarantee of a valid and correct data inventory across all project phases with freely configurable access authorizations.

Data Security
Security requirements are paramount. We therefore work according to the security-by-design principle and adhere to the highest IT standards.

The open and well-documented interfaces make integrating data from different sources easy.

The cloud-based platform is available everywhere. It is suitable for all organisational structures and projects, whether small or large, simple or complex.

With GeodataHub, data is effectively captured, structured, analysed and visualized. A high degree of automation leads to cost savings.

Long-term archiving
GeodataHub provides the methods for long-term archiving of project data and thus supports compliance with legal retention periods.

Areas of application

  • Monitoring
  • Road and rail infrastructure
  • Metro and light rail
  • Natural hazard
  • Hydro power plants and caverns
  • Mining

Why GeodataHub

Long-term Application Experience
Our software is based on more than 35 years of application experience in worldwide projects of all sizes

Intelligent Data Structuring
For optimal performance in terms of speed etc. and adaptability to individual customer requirements

Smart workflow support
For optimized workflows with high time savings

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