Gestor Social


Gestor Social

Gestor Social is a tool that facilitates and guides a government in the fulfillment of objectives in a simple and friendly way, using the basic principles of management, indicators, metrics and technology.

The system controls the flow of information from beginning to end, allowing communication between separate and functional geographically instances.
It integrates in a transparent and direct way a data bank to evaluate the social and political impact of the actions altogether carried out through the government, to be able to act in a fast and strategic way.
Gestor Social is designed to serve adequately the citizen, aimed entirely at facilitate communication with the government.

Get closer to citizens, maintaining order and organizing information; through Gestor Social you will find an innovative solution to manage your government, through the systematization and resolution of citizen demands.
Possibility of immediate effectiveness in capturing and processing citizen demands, opening integral digital contact windows.

Benefits of this service
• The information is displayed in real time
• The control panel provides you with only information you require and request
• The management process is efficient, giving you only the information you need
• Parameterizable, i.e. the administrator has the freedom to configure the display mode and variables shown by the tool
• Encourages team integration when making a decision
• The positive perception of population increases as they feel cared for and secure

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