GHD InsightVision Assurance Monitoring Platform

avtor: GHD Pty Ltd

InsightVision is an assurance platform that provides infrastructure remote monitoring capability.

InsightVision is an assurance monitoring platform to remotely access TSF sensors online and remotely as needed. GHD can establish warnings and alerts with established predefined thresholds and business rules.

The InsightVision platform is a cloud-based application purposefully designed for effective real-time dam management. Data sent to the platform from connected sensors is assessed in real time against a range of conditions and business rules to determine whether alert or alarm conditions have been activated, and to monitor physical sensor health status. If an alert or alarm condition has been activated, key users are informed by SMS, email or both. Workflows based on your nominated site business rules can escalate alerts and alarms to nominated personnel.

Standard charts for both porewater and deformation monitoring are provided along with the ability to create custom charts and reports.

InsightVision is provided as Software as a Service (SaaS) and attracts License fees on an annual basis (collected monthly) and a three year term. In addition, tokens are purchased for the user types required to operate with InsightVision.

GHD InsightVision comes with the deployment option of on Cloud as a SaaS or on-premise based on your business needs.

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