Campaign Manager Service Platform

avtor: Global Wavenet Pte Ltd

Campaign Manager Service Platform

Wavenet Campaign Manager empowers communication service providers (CSP)s to compete in the BTL (Below the Line) advertising space by leveraging existing customer campaign data for selective segmentation, targeting, and execution of highly customized campaigns.

Product Elements

  • Easily accessible GUI feature for managing and deploying the entire Campaign Manager suite

  • Increase customer reach using campaign retries

  • Detailed insights through reports, CDRs, and logs

  • Secure integrations with third-party applications

  • Pause/stop all campaigns during a set time period with global blackout

Types of Campaigns

  • Survey - To gain information/insights from the customer
  • Voting campaigns – For gaining feedback or a scheduled campaign to be sent out during a specific time
  • Broadcast Campaigns – To schedule/prioritize a required campaign
  • Notification Campaigns – To inform customers of a new package

Deployment in Kubernetes (K8s) - Kubernetes for Campaign Manager enables faster and more efficient VAS orchestration whilst automating deployments through the CI/CD pipeline.

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