avtor: Glueo, s.r.o.

Hex encoder & decoder, for software developers and web coders

An online tool for Hex (also called Base16). encoding and decoding. Encodes and decodes data from a binary format or a text form to Hex either by copy&paste or by file upload.

The tool is intended for software developers, web coders, and admins.

Computer systems sometimes consume or store binary data in this specific format. When someone needs to obtain the hex-encoded piece of data (or the other way, to obtain binary data from a hex string), it would be quite inconvenient to write a piece of code (or even to do it manually) for every such a task, so, they need a tool like Hexator. 

Typical use cases are:

  • creating or updating a configuration
  • debugging an app - need to analyze or change the data used by the app
  • analyzing stored or exchanged data

The application is written in the English language.

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