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Model Governance System

Gamma is Management Solutions’ answer to the challenges observed regarding model risk management and its governance processes. In order to meet its objectives, Gamma has the following main functionalities: i) Model Inventory: comprehensive and dynamic model inventory of easy access and edition, Includes a tiering system for models); ii) Model Workflow: complete trace of processes and tasks for the entire model life cycle, Automated decision rules and user rights and roles tailored to the entity’s needs); iii) Model Document Repository: complete document repository for each model, state, process and task; Document insertion may be parametrized as mandatory for users); iv) By means of these functionalities, Gamma overcomes the challenges observed in the industry: lack of a comprehensive and integrated view of the status of all models within the institution, lack of standardization when applying model risk policies and inappropriate segregation of duties, model information scattered among different groups, generating knowledge silos and inefficiencies when developing and reviewing models, difficulty to prioritize and identify material issues and model dependencies that will generate regulatory pressure, limitations to the visualization of the model development, validation and deployment timelines to actively manage the model plan, disconnection between the tools used in the model field: model governance, model monitoring, campaign managers, etc.


Gamma allows the effective management of model risk and the processes involved, providing a number of benefits to both the user and IT: Compliance with regulation, version control and historical view, fully customizable and user-friendly interface, linkage to other applications, simple deployment.

 Management Solutions deploys Gamma for its main industries, especially in the financial sector, and across all its countries of activity (Financial entities, Energy & Utilities, Telecommunications, Other sectors: manufacturing, pharma, logistics and transportation, tourism, professional services, education, construction and infrastructure, government.

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