AI-Powered Virtual Helpdesk

avtor: GoPhygital Pvt. Ltd.

An AI-powered, video communication based virtual helpdesk to automate and enhance Customer Service

ADCX - GoPhygital's AI-powered Virtual Helpdesk is a SaaS platform created to automate and enhance the overall customer service experience while reducing operational overheads for organizations in the travel, hospitality, and retail industries.

The AI-powered Virtual Helpdesk leverages facial recognition to initiate a 1-way / 2-way video call between the user and a virtual / human agent to address any query that the user may have.

The platform uses a combination of AI-ML and a suite of Azure Cognitive Services (ACS) to record the conversation, convert the video into speech, and using speech-to-text translate the queries from local Indian languages to English.

It then analyses the text (including sentiment analysis) and forms a word cloud in the backend and the algorithm is such that as the usage increases, the system becomes more intelligent over a period of time (as usage increases) and pre-empts the user’s queries thereby enhancing the overall customer service experience.

The Phygital platform can be deployed across high traffic locations like airports, theme parks etc where traditionally there is a helpdesk with customer care agents manning the same to answer any customer queries or provide information.

The cloud based solution helps organizations in the travel and hospitality industry like airports, malls, or even theme parks as well as businesses like large corporate parks etc to automate the entire customer service and engagement experience and optimizing their manpower requirements by using virtual agents instead of having human-powered information desks being manned round-the-clock.

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