Cellular Twin (CT)

avtor: grandcentrix GmbH

Cellular Twin is a mass manufacturing-ready all-in-one solution which connects products to Azure IoT

Cellular Twin is a mass manufacturing-ready, all-in-one solution which enables products to send usage data to Azure IoT. It consists of hardware, connectivity and cloud integration. The connectivity is based on Vodafone’s Narrowband IoT / LTE Cat M1 network and guarantees secure and reliable functionality even in remote regions or in basements. The mainboard supports a wide range of use cases out of the box via a 15-pin connector and is also extensible via daughterboards. It is small enough to build directly into a product and provides direct connectivity to the cellular network, thus replacing expensive IoT gateway installations. The firmware running on the hardware can be updated over-the-air despite NB-IoT limitations. Cellular Twin integrates natively into Azure IoT Hub or Azure IoT Central. This application is available in english, german. 

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