Grundfos - Cooling as a Service

avtor: Grundfos Holding A/S

IoT solution and AI powered algorithm that balances your chiller plant to save energy and reduce CO2

The IoT solution

Grundfos - Cooling as a Service is a customised algorithm that continuously balances your cooling system.

The automated solution cuts energy consumption by 15-35% without operational disruption
Cooling as a service is an IoT solution where sensors and control layers are introduced to balance your chiller plant and drastically reduce energy consumption.

The IoT solution adds a layer of intelligence to chiller plants
A perfectly balanced operation secures the lowest possible work required for the total workload of primary pumps, chillers, condenser pumps and cooling towers. Our IoT solution carefully controls the four main components to maintain a balance in the system.

Save money, extend equipment lifetime and reduce CO2 emissions
There is no requirement for up front investments ​and the solution is installed without downtime​. There is no risk to your operation as it runs parallel to your existing control system and our trained staff make sure the control settings are updated.

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