Build your own rewards program around high-quality, trackable impact projects loved by your users.

EarthWallet helps you build a purpose-led rewards program for your employees and customers.
  1. Launch campaigns: Add users by a unique ID to a campaign and specify the number of EarthPoints you want to send to each user.
  2. Claim for Impact: Upon receiving points, your users use our web-app to claim their EarthPoints for any combination of projects listed in your campaign.
  3. Share and Track: Upon claiming impact, users can share their contributions, pictures from the projects and customized video reels. Over time, they keep receiving updates on their projects to help them track the impact of their claim.
  4. Learn and re-engage: Learn through analytics on how your community spends their EarthPoints. Launch more campaigns focussed around goals to reactivate your community.
  5. Power your ESG: Report your community's total handprint and use our Track & Engage layer to build your own impact reports.

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