HCLTech Extended Reality (XR) as a Service (AR/VR/MR)

avtor: HCL Technologies Limited.

Reimagining Digital Experiences power by Azure. A comprehensive proposition for AR/VR/MR.

HCLTech's Extended Reality as a Service Offering is a End to End XR Solution which leverages the power of the standard XR platforms, tools, devices, technologies (Azure, D365 Guides, D365 RA, HoloLens and in-house XTERN tool suite. It industrializes the creation of XR experience for different supported XR applications with needed automation.

The new normal has presented the world with an urgent need to converge the physical and digital boundaries between customers and the workforce. This lead to strong wind for the adoption of Extended Reality (XR) services that include AR, VR & MR technologies within enterprises at scale and across the value chain from Engineering to Sales and Marketing.

The Offering aims to industrialize and accelerate the “Authoring to App” process which enables development and viewing of XR apps. Complemented with DaaS for HL2 for customer onboarding, device provisioning, management and support.

With Extended Reality Suite, Enterprises can: -

  • Industrialize XR Solution Development
  • Accelerated Experience and Development Life Cycle
  • Consistency XR Experiences seamlessly across enterprises
  • Deliver XR Solutions at Scale

Key Features

  • Democratized - Standard features pre-built allows any non-developer to create experiences
  • Extendable - Provides integration with IOT / OT / IT systems for additional insights & use cases
  • Digital Vault - Digital asset library to reuse & repurpose new & existing digital assets
  • Device Agnostic - Support for all XR devices (HoloLens, Mobile, Smart Glass or VR device)
  • Customizable - Pre-built solution that can be customizable for specific customer need

Key Use Cases
  • XR Operations - Guided instruction and real time insights of equipment's
  • XR Training - Virtual Training Instructions
  • XR Field Service - Job Aid, Remote Service and Customer Support
  • XR Engage - Virtual Product Experience, Virtual Space Tour
  • XR Navigate - Visual Navigation, Guided Aid for Material Handling

Key Azure Services
  • Azure Notification Hub
  • API GW
  • Azure Functions
  • Azure SQL
  • Azure Remote Rendering
  • Azure Stream Analytics
  • Azure Cosmos DB
  • Azure IoT Hub
  • Power BI
  • Azure Spatial Anchor
  • Azure Blob
  • Azure App Insights

Key Outcomes
  • 2X Faster TTM
  • Reduction in Task Time by 20% to 40%
  • Increase in RoI by 50-60%
  • Consistent and Rich Experience
  • Enables Remote Support

Microsoft Cloud for Manufacturing July 2023 Launch Partner

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