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Accelerate your invoice cycle time and save yourself a headache. Only with Horion IMS.

Artificial Intelligence for Accounts Payable

Save your time, money and sanity with an AI-powered invoice management system.

Inefficient invoice management can drive your accounting team crazy - and drive your company’s bottom line way down.

Forget the hassle of dealing with invoices manually. Automate the entire process with Horion Digital’s Cloud-based invoice management system (IMS). Take advantage of Horion IMS to:

  • Save time on manual invoice data entry.
  • Create an entirely paperless accounting process.
  • Enjoy a fast and intuitive invoice management process.
  • Untether invoice processing - can be used on any platform and out of the office.
  • Access old invoices quickly in the Cloud.

How do you know if you need Horion?

Simple. Ask yourself three questions. Do you:

  • Need a more efficient invoice approval process?
  • Look for ways to get around approval roadblocks and easily retrieve old invoice data?
  • Want to save time and money?

If the answer to any of the three questions is “yes”, it’s time to switch up your invoice management process.

Horion IMS takes hours off of your accounting workload. The AI-powered software takes everything off your hands with a four step process that will:

  • Identify and digitize invoices from inboxes across your company.
  • Translate invoices in any format into uniform dataset.
  • Automate the invoice approval process with customizable rules and a centralized system.
  • Push approved invoices into the accounting or ERP software of your choice - Xero, NetSuite, Microsoft Dynamics NAV and more.

And that’s all there is to it. No need to run around the office for invoice approval or spend hours typing in every line item manually. Really.

Invoice Management System Compatibility with Microsoft products

There’s no need to learn a fancy new system. From your ERP to your inbox, Horion bridges the gap. Seamless integration with Microsoft enterprise products ensures the highest level of stability and corporate security. Horion IMS is integrated with:

  • Microsoft SharePoint
  • Microsoft Dynamics NAV
  • Microsoft Outlook
  • Microsoft Flow
  • Microsoft Azure
  • Office 365 applications

Accelerate your invoice cycle time and save yourself a headache. Only with Horion IMS.

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