Digital Sample Manager

avtor: HSBlox

HSBlox Digital Sample Manager on Distributed Ledger Technology

Digital Sample Manager (DSM) leverages distributed ledger technology to bring improved visibility, transparency and tracking to the chain of custody in clinical trials. DSM solution provides sample tracking that ensures a streamlined and transparent process across participants, real-time status updates that can be tracked efficiently, and eliminates lost sample issues. Additionally, receipt acknowledgement, reporting and reconciliation, along with standardization of the process - minimizes the need for changes to existing workflows. The successful execution of clinical trials involves coordinating a myriad of resources and processes. Among these challenges is the management of the global clinical supply chain, including complete traceability across the entire chain of custody. Maintaining visibility into the chain of custody can be challenging for many reasons, as can providing the level of data integrity and traceability required by regulatory authorities. At present, the chain of custody often spans multiple data systems and is augmented by extensive processes at the clinical sites, resulting in excessive manual data entry work, coordination between external and internal teams, frequent opportunities for error and difficult end-of-study reconciliation. Sample management can involve missing or contaminated samples, incomplete data, delays in reporting results and substandard logistics. This can lead to higher costs, lack of visibility and other preventable problems.

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