Water Management

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Water Solutions for Environmental Sustainability

Water management and conservation are a priority for corporations and government utility operators. Organizations need to manage water effectively to support compliance and sustainability goals. Government utilities have a responsibility to monitor water quality and consumption, and manage the remediation of wastewater.

As sustainability concerns grow and water reuse becomes more common, proper water and wastewater treatment is more crucial than ever. To ensure the safety of the public and to meet the needs of users of non-potable water, ICONICS provides insight into your facility ensuring that all treatment and filtration happens exactly as planned. Our industry-leading alarm management ensures that any errors are immediately reported and acted upon.

Key capabilities:

  • Native GIS Mapping: Create a geographical overview to monitor remote locations while maintaining the ability to locate and drill into specific assets.
  • Mobile Visualization: ICONICS delivers dashboards to any mobile device, allowing personnel to monitor and control their enterprise from anywhere.
  • Distributed Alarming: Real-time, distributed alarm management is provided, featuring ISA18.2 compliance.
  • Multimodal Alarm Notifications: Comprehensive OPC-based alarm management delivers real-time alarm information leveraging email, SMS, text-to-speech, and voice calls to alert users.

Customer benefits from ICONICS water management solutions include energy and labor savings, leak detection, pollution reduction, government compliance, and sustainability improvement. ICONICS is a six-time Microsoft Partner of the Year award winner, including Sustainability Partner of the Year.

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