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Activate™ - Eliminate Ambiguity, Optimise Continuity - during leaver-starter transitions

Activate™ is unique software designed to maximise business and compliance continuity during role transitions, which can occur at any time, planned and unplanned.  The knowledge possessed by your team members is one of your organisation’s most valuable assets.   Knowledge can be broken down into two discrete and valuable types.

  • Explicit: Codified knowledge found in documents, procedures, step instructions, concrete answers to frequently asked questions
  • Tacit: Experiential knowledge, “Know-how”, “tribal knowledge”, tacit knowledge often spreads throughout an organisation without being documented—and possibly never actively pointed out or discussed.

Activate™ is unique – it has been designed to maximise business continuity and operational readiness during leaver-starter handovers. In addition to capturing job-critical (explicit and tacit) knowledge and IP from leavers, Activate™ help to create a customised learning platform for new role holders while giving managers complete oversight and control over the process, all with one intuitive interface.  Designed to protect your organisation and minimise financial, logistical and intellectual losses, helping integrate new team members.

Activate™ provides a digital solution for managers that eases the pain of losing key staff and supports planning for the future.   Activate™ digital platform allows role holders to map the required “in-role compliance experience” and design the compliance onboarding program for a new role holder in a critical compliance role to achieve the full level of in-role compliance experience as quickly as possible:

  • Experiences: Experience in solving key problems in the role, and experience to comply with critical, required behaviours in the role
  • Relationships: Positive experience of working relationships with other roles, any conflicts and improvement activities.  Key insights into how to manage critical relationships.  Ongoing commitments to internal and external stakeholders.
  • Achievements: Completion of projects and tasks, feedback from horizontal working role relationships, problem-solving opportunities 
  • Tasks: Core accountabilities & authorities, strategy-related accountabilities and managerial accountabilities & authorities 
  • Projects: Tasks required to be performed by the successor to improve the processes, systems, functions, etc. for which they are accountable for
  • Essentials: Policies, procedures, standards, training modules that are essential for effective performance in the role. 

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