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Optimizes and delivers your images with best-in-class algorithms and our worldwide CDN.

Pixelcrush optimizes and delivers your images with best-in-class algorithms and our worldwide CDN. We deliver blazingly fast your versioned images while your servers take care of what matters to your business. Forget offline image processing and make much faster design iterations.

E-commerce sites

Increase conversions and boost sales in your e-commerce shop displaying your products images properly and as fast as possible. Deliver the right picture for every device. Improve your visitors' experience speeding up your site load time and showing images that convert.

Pixelcrush allows easy integration with CMS such as Prestashop.

See Pixelcrush in action in our e-commerce demo.

There are many more uses cases: real estate sites, advertisement sites, etc. Have your site images that can be optimized? Do you want to reduce your page load time and be sure to deliver images properly adapted and formatted? Then Pixelcrush is your solution.

Web design

Forget offline processing of thumbnails that change when your app design changes. Unleash the creativity of your designers! With Pixelcrush you can accelerate your design cycle. Just update your image URL parameters and you can publish a new design version of your website. Make all the A/B test you want.

Features and benefits

Pixelcrush’s main benefits are:

  • Pay as you go, you don’t need to pay for a plan that doesn’t perfectly match your use-case.
  • Deep learning filters such as smart-cropping and real-time image moderation with a chainable, easy-to-use and expressive JQuery-like syntax.
  • Custom SSL Domains support for free.
  • HTTP/2 ready.
  • SEO-friendly URLs thanks to our filter, and origin, aliases.
  • Static files (.js, .css) can be cached and delivered from Pixelcrush, becoming the only CDN you will ever need.
  • GPU aware in-memory software for fast image processing.
  • Pixelcrush works as a proxy for customer’s storage.
  • Worldwide distributed network with DDOS protection for faster content delivery.

Do you need assistance or have doubts about how to use Pixelcrush in your web? Just drop us a line and our tech team will assist you.

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