Synthetic Environment Solutions

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Synthetic environment solutions for complex defence, national security and resilience challenges

Synthetic Environment Solutions

Flexible synthetic environment solutions (virtual worlds) that advance policy development, planning, collective training and operational decision making. They enhance collaboration, and leverage modelling and simulation to deepen understanding so nations are better equipped to manage novel threats as they emerge – not just the ones we know today.


  • Explore broad cascading consequences of potential hazards and actions, such as effects on populations and infrastructure

  • Simulate a wide range of alternative actions to explore and compare their consequences

  • Experiment and test policies and plans in large, complex scenarios

  • Train more people, more often and more effectively - for less

  • Conduct live, virtual and constructive training in environments that can accommodate thousands of participants and millions of simulated entities

  • Gather consistent data across entire simulations to enhance assessment and feedback

  • Collaborate across roles, the 5+1 military domains, and all areas of government.

The solutions provide a range of ways for users to experience and interact with their environment including live geospatial dashboards for improved situational awareness, course-of-action editors for collaborative policy design, and multi-domain virtual simulations for testing, comparison, training and rehearsal.

At the core is Improbable’s synthetic environment development platform, which transforms how solutions are created, deployed and evolved. Integrating specialist capabilities from Improbable and an open network of partners from across industry and academia, it allows solutions to be composed quickly and cost-effectively to users’ precise requirements. It also enables them to be continually adapted to keep pace with changing technology and operational needs - combining your existing assets with new capabilities.

About Improbable Defence

Improbable’s Defence business works across the NATO alliance and with a network of industry partners to transform planning, training and decision support in the government, defence and security communities.

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