Inssue Car - an Insurance 4.0 solution.

avtor: Inssue Technologies Sp. z o.o.

The class service platform, collecting and processing data from the IoT based on Inssue sensors.

This application is available only in polish language.

Inssue Car is based on the first Polish ‘remote supervision system’ AI class service platform, collecting and processing data from the IoT based on Inssue sensors.

The solution is designed to monitor from one to several dozen sensors installed in the insured object, and to compile and detect hazardous events occurring within the scope of the protection.

The data from the sensors is sent directly to the platform which analyses and presents the data related to the incident and sends an emergency message with key parameters of the incident.

Placed next to the Inssue Home & Office solution, Inssue Car is designed for vehicles. The given sensor in installed in a dedicated location in the protected vechicle. Plug & Play.
System starts working immediately and monitors the vehicle 24/7.

It is an unique and self-sufficient event registering device, designed and assembled in Poland. The main features:

  • Battery operated device, does not require external power sources
  • Independent communication, the device does not require pairing with a smartphone
  • Battery life of the device: 12 months + 1 month (insurance policy period)
  • PLUG & PLAY install method
  • Fully operational, proven by tests
  • Original design and own production

Thanks to the use of sensors as well as 2G and Narrow Band communication, the device recognises hazardous events, rates their ‘significance’ and immediately sends precise information to defined recipients such as Insurance Company’s Operations Centre.

The information sent using a wireless network contains all the essential information about the event:

  • time of the event
  • location of the event
  • type and classification of the event and probability of injuries driver’s and ICE’s contact information

The AI algorithms and Operations Centre employees decide how to react to the event and help the injured by informing emergency services, the ICE person and also by launching the claim adjustment and assistance procedures.

Among the real impact on increased safety level, there are lots of direct and global benefits, such as a way to immediate contact with the injured party, and provide the assistance, possibility of immediate start of claim adjustment procedure and acquiring precise information on circumstances of the event, which makes claim adjustment process easier.

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