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Empower Your Firm To Source More Deals Through The Power Of Networks And Relationships.

DealCloud offers a purpose-built solution, infused with AI, for financial and professional services firms to build and maintain meaningful client relationships, analyze market trends, and streamline deal execution. The solution unifies workflows across teams to increase operational efficiency, improve decision making, and boost win rates. A firm's greatest assets are the knowledge, experience, and relationships accrued by the professionals that are behind it. DealCloud empowers your firm to leverage those assets and turn them into actionable intelligence.

DealCloud is purpose built for: Legal professionals, Transaction advisory services, Corporate development, Investment banking & corporate finance, Real estate investors and Private Equity.

These firms and users build their reputations and business on the relationship networks and expertise of their partners and professionals. However, the conventional CRMs they’ve relied on in the past have been designed to track linear relationships and exchanges for a product — not the complex ecosystem of relationships, parties, and individual expertise surrounding each deal and engagement within partner led firms. With DealCloud, these firms can enhance how they manage their deals and relationships in a solution purpose-built to centralize the information and workflows their partners and professionals rely on every day to grow the firm.

AI-powered relationship intelligence

Build and manage a comprehensive view of your firm’s multi-directional relationships with clients, prospects, and business partners by centralizing emails, meeting notes, and applied relationship intelligence for each contact leveraging Microsoft 365 connectors. DealCloud also deploys leading AI capabilities to automatically captures changes to contact data and can send reminders when it’s time to nurture relationships with key contacts.

Business development

Easily track opportunities, build stronger proposals, and stay aligned throughout your deal pursuit by unifying firm knowledge and experience, relationship insights, and market data from third-party providers – all within a central location alongside your firm’s current deal pipeline, workflows, and related activities.

Execution and process management

Gain a comprehensive, detailed view of how your teams are resourced and progressing in their pursuits and engagements. Centralize staffing, workflow management, task assignments, and approvals via automated reporting of pipeline and progress updates.


Develop, track, and execute marketing campaigns for targeted audiences aligned to your business development strategy leveraging relationship insights. DealCloud users can build target lists for each marketing campaign, manage execution workflows and checklists, and send tailored emails and newsletters all in one place.

Pipeline management

Accelerate your deal pipeline with a centralized view of all active deals and involved parties through every stage of the deal lifecycle. DealCloud users can configure their view based on deal characteristics, as well as make updates, sync relevant communications, and add deal notes directly from Microsoft Outlook.

Firm and knowledge management

Leverage a single destination to find and reference the communications, workflows, files, and other data relating to each deal pursuit and engagement.

Capabilities purpose-built for different industries

Private Equity: DealCloud can be easily configured to align with current processes to expedite decision-making and close deals.

Investment Banking: Allows dealmakers to build and maintain meaningful client relationships, analyze market trends and active pursuits and streamline deal execution.

Corporate Development: Unifying workflows across the corporate strategy, business development, diligence and execution functions to promote efficiency, improve decision making and boost successful investment outcomes.

Legal: Designed to capture unique insights and drive growth within a single platform. DealCloud turns shared knowledge into actionable intelligence, enabling seamless collaboration between business professionals, leaders and attorneys throughout the engagement lifecycle.

Real Estate: An enterprise solution for building relationships, discovering new areas of opportunity, driving pipeline progression and managing cross-functional processes throughout the entire investment lifecycle.

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