Oracle Utility Trellis POC

avtor: IntelliTect

From this POC, you'll understand the feasibility and viability of Oracle Utility Trellis.

The Problem:

Altering configurations throughout enterprise environments can be a time-consuming and daunting task. When updating CCB or MDM configurations across multiple environments, users typically need to use a combination of strategies and tooling. Some changes can be migrated, some done with SQL, and some completed in the user interface.

The Goal/Problem Addressed:

With CCB & MDM, Trellis automates configuration data management between environments. Users can change one environment and easily propagate it to many environments. Additionally, snapshots of the configuration data are periodically recorded, and users can be alerted if changes are made. 

Trellis simplifies the process of managing OUAF configuration by:

  • Automating configuration migration across environments through a simple, web-based user interface.
  • Identifying configuration differences between environments over time. 
  • Auditing changes to the configurations and alerting the user with details about the changes.
  • Tracking configuration changes to each environment by the user and providing a robust “undo” capability.

Trellis takes daily configuration snapshots of all environments, which allows users to compare configuration against any environment from any snapshot.

Users can:

  • Create a simple Excel output: Detail all, or a subset of, the differences between snapshots.
  • Compare the same environment: View the same environment at different times.
  • Program recurring tasks: Schedule configuration snapshots to be taken automatically (at a set time).
  • Organize Activity: Log and roll back all activity as needed. The user tracks configuration changes..

Target audience:

Trellis is a valuable addition to any team using CCB or MDM and allows for significant money and time savings. The program’s built-in automation completes processes with fewer human errors while maintaining environment consistency.

Resources needed:

Implementing Trellis will require meetings between Trellis’s support team and the enterprise’s CCB or MDM teams. The support team provides documentation detailing the required steps to configure Trellis so that the enterprise’s CCB or MDM teams can create a database, schedule regular snapshots, configure snapshot-enabled tables, and set up email subscriptions for their organization. The product’s support team aims to train the enterprise’s CCB or MDM teams to a level of self-sufficiency so that they may train their enterprise’s critical personnel as required for their use case. 

The enterprise’s leadership team, IT, QA, business personnel, and other critical roles may be required to attend training meetings.

The total cost to implement an abridged version of Trellis for the purpose of this POC is $15,000.

Success criteria/KPIs:

Success criteria will be measured by the following:

  1. User time spent configuring data between environments.
  2. Errors during the OUAF configuration process.
  3. The number of environments with configuration changes within the allotted time frame.

Project scope:

The enterprise’s IT personnel will review the provided documentation and configure Trellis in a test environment. Once the enterprise’s leadership has approved of the system’s functions concerning business operation, the system will be implemented into a production environment.


Phase 1: Meet with IntelliTect’s Trellis support team and purchase a license.

Phase 2: Review documentation and configure the system. Meet with the IntelliTect Trellis support team as needed to answer any questions.

Phase 3: Train crucial personnel using a trial project in a test environment and address any questions.

Phase 4: Rollout to the organization in a production environment.

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