avtor: IoTium

Drop-ship, plug&play enabler for any BACnet-IP device to connect securely to Azure IoT in minutes.

The AzureIoT-BACnet-iNode is a drop-ship, plug & play appliance that enables any BACnet-IP device to connect securely to Azure IoT in minutes. It eliminates deployment complexity and minimizes security vulnerabilities. It can be connected using the corporate WAN or using a SIM card. No changes required to Corporate Firewalls/Proxies.

  1. ioTium enables rapid scalable deployment of Azure IoT
  2. ioTium provides a drop-ship plug&play Managed converged Infrastructure-as-a-service that converges SDWAN+Security+Edge Compute, eliminating deployment complexity, minimizing security risks and future-proofing any IIoT deployment.
  3. Using ioTium, customers stay focused on applications that drive business insight rather than infrastructure to plumb data to the cloud or the infrastructure to deploy and run applications (protocol converters, AI/ML, Edge analytics etc) at the edge.
  4. ioTium provides an Azure IoT ready appliance for BACnet data, OPC data as well as PLC data (Siemens, Allen Bradley) to enable industrial assets to connect to Azure IoT in minutes.
  5. ioTium provides a private Operations cloud to its customers that want to centralize their operations:
    1. Cloud for preventive maintenance – a single pane of glass to provision, authenticate, manage and audit secure remote access into Industrial machinery.
    2. Cloud that cloudifys legacy on-prem systems – example moving legacy on-prem servers to the cloud for centralized provisioning, management and maintenance
    3. Cloud that includes a central data lake for machine data so that 3rd party application developers can now be securely allowed to use the data for building business insight applications
    4. Cloud that hosts industrial diagnostics applications that typically reside on a technician’s laptop to enable central management of the application so that all remote maintenance is now enabled from the cloud v/s all the risks associated with a technician’s laptop.
The company’s Edge-Cloud infrastructure is deployed by fortune 1000 industrial enterprises towards rapid scalable deployment of their digital transformation initiatives. The company's solutions also ensure that any machine, using any protocol, can be instantly, seamlessly and securely connected to any application residing in a data center through any network infrastructure and operator while minimizing deployment complexity issues and network security risks. ioTium’s Edge-Cloud infrastructure enables rapid edge services deployment (third party protocol software adapters, edge analytics apps, third party IoT platform edge software, encryption, DPI and more) from ioTium’s Industrial Appstore. Also, ioTium provides and manages private operations clouds for cloud-enabling OT operations (Centralized remote diagnostics and more) for its Industrial customers globally.

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