IQAX Focus

avtor: IQAX.

A product use IoT and A.I. to provide you the container/cargo tracking & monitoring capabilities

Intelligent Real-Time Cargo Tracking and Monitoring
IQAX Focus is a powerful cargo management and visibility system for reefer and dry cargo that addresses all these tracking and visibility pain points for shippers.

Innovative Technology Combines AI, Machine Learning and the IoT to Generate Improved Data and Greater Visibility
IQAX Focus supports end-to-end visibility throughout the entire transportation process of both dry and reefer cargo on land and sea from door to door. The solution is easy to implement.

Cargo Visibility

IQAX Focus analyzes and harmonizes data captured from multiple sources including sensors, IoT devices like GPS modules, shipping schedules, vessel AIS data, big data such as weather information and more.

All these sources are integrated through AI and machine learning. By combining all these inputs, IQAX Focus lets shippers and other users know exactly where their shipments are and what condition they are in.

Unlike other monitoring systems that are challenged by data latency and delayed information – often after shipments arrive at their destination – IQAX Focus provides information in real time with all-round condition monitoring.

Complete, Timely, Informed Data

The insights that IQAX Focus provides are based on data and powered by a deep pool of domain knowledge, which helps eliminate false alarms and gives cargo owners a greater understanding of the status of their shipments, overcoming challenges in the supply chain.

This is facilitated by live map views, predictive insights throughout inland and ocean zones, ETA predictions and IoT data that facilitate analytics to improve customer understanding and identify new business opportunities.

Real Time Monitoring and Tracking

The solution traces both FCL and LCL multiple drops and gathers information through detachable devices that enable tracking of containers, trailers, pallets, cartons and even individual products. These capabilities make it possible to reduce costs by improving insights, minimizing waste and costs such as rearrangement surcharges and waiting labour hours.

Multiple Views, Cargo Conditions

IQAX Focus users have access to summary views of connected data, can see instant updates, updated temperature and humidity records. Operation driven design dashboards provide information on the booking info, location, temperature and humidity levels of specific cargoes.

Easy to Implement

IQAX Focus supports multiple integration methods and operates through a Software as a Service (SaaS) format and on the cloud. This means that that solution does not require the installation and maintenance of software, thereby eliminating complex software and hardware management requirements. We also provide shipment data integration and API integration to enable customers to continue working with their existing ERP platforms.

The hardware necessary to monitor cargo using IQAX Focus can be attached to a cargo in seconds. The “plug and play” model provides instant visibility through the IQAX Focus Platform on desktop or mobile devices.

Multiple Benefits for Users
IQAX Focus generates multiple benefits by improving visibility into dry or reefer cargo, optimizing operations, improving customer satisfaction, providing ease of use, boosting revenues and cutting costs.
  • Better tracking and visibility over land and sea make it easier to solve problems and lower costs

  • Optimized operations improve efficiency and minimize risks

  • Greater and faster access to shipment data for improved customer satisfaction

  • Innovative technology facilitates ease of use

  • Increased revenues to drive business growth

  • Lower costs help strengthen your bottom line

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