Privacy Analytics Eclipse - Enterprise

avtor: Privacy Analytics, an IQVIA Company

Eclipse is fast, scalable software to automate de-identification of sensitive data at scale

Healthcare organizations are under pressure to innovate and collaborate in support of patient-centric advancements. Privacy concerns, speed and efficiency in creating high-quality de-identified datasets are among the challenges facing many organizations. Eclipse empowers organizations to automate de-identification, significantly simplifying an Expert Determination approach (as defined under HIPAA guidance) to safely share and reuse data, while protecting individual privacy.

Eclipse is a modular enterprise software platform that transforms vast stores of sensitive data, safely and at scale, in an automated process. It empowers organizations to de-identify structured data of any size and sensitivity to the highest possible standard. You get the richest possible data with privacy protection that is aligned with global standards, regulations, and guidelines.

Our team works with your organization to develop the ideal strategy for your data commercialization. We then apply Privacy Analytics’ proven methodology and recommend a solution with the Eclipse modules that are ideal for your organization.

Eclipse is deployed in the Azure cloud with cloud-native cluster computing services and supports automated pipelines. This provides options for speed and scale to handle your vast amounts of data.


  • Measures and lets you visualize re-identification risks in your data to optimize privacy protection and data utility
  • Quickly apply de-identification strategies that meet different regulatory guidance, including HIPAA, GDPR and CCPA
  • De-identifies structured data sets of any size and sensitivity to the highest possible standard, while preserving data utility
  • Delivers auditable proof of de-identification and compliance with statistical measurements of identifiability to prove your risk has been managed effectively

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