IntoMeetings System

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IntoMeetings offers a full suite of facility scheduling and calendaring solutions.

In the last few years and with the fast pace of business, executives spend most of their time hopping from one meeting to another. Meetings have become one of the most important activities in any organization. Yet due to the high load of work, meetings are becoming very hectic activity due to the lack of meeting minutes’ documentation, good governance practices and even the follow up on action items decided during the meetings. Yet some meetings are more important than others. Board meetings are example of the most important meetings in any organization. They consume a lot of resources in preparation of the meeting, sending documents to Board Members, discussing and agreeing on the agenda, running the meetings themselves and authorizing Meeting Minutes. Action Items resulting from Board meetings have to be notified to the responsible persons who in turn should always report the progress of their work to keep the Board aware of the status. IntoMeetings provides a flexible platform to help for calendar management, agenda preparation, invitations management, running the meetings including voting processes and minutes recording, authorization cycle and archiving of meetings minutes beside follow up on action items, meeting rooms and committee’s management.

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