E-Learning LMS - Platô365 - integrated with O365


Platô365 is a LMS Plataform integrated with O365

Platô365 solution to enhance the experience and integration of the virtual classroom (LMS) with productivity solutions and Microsoft Collaboration.

The Platô365 is also proportional to integration with Cognitive Services solutions, Video AI Indexer and Service Bots.

The Platô 365 solution offers a platform that integrates the best of the Moodle platform with Microsoft Office 365, hosted in the Microsoft Azure cloud, allowing an easy management. A solution that provides access for the collaboration and productivity tools in the same environment of the learning platform, optimizing the annotations and informations that the student wants to save.

The price is based on the number of connected users per month. The higher the number of users, the more discount will be applied in the price table.

“This application is available only in Portuguese - PT-BR”

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