Streamline Business

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The creation of files is finally agile, fast and secure

Transform your customer experience by digitalising your file processing

The priorities of customer relationship management, customer experience, customer satisfaction and digital transformation:
- better customer experience: easier, more transparent and in real time
- better operational efficiency: more productivity, more compliance and more speed of execution

But building and managing files is always a frustration. There are approximately :
- 50% of acquisition processes are interrupted because of missing documents
- 40% of the activity of managers in collecting, dunning and checking documents.

The management of supporting documents therefore often remains the weak point of the experience:
- Unhappy customers (why, when, how, what document, what validity, what return?)
- Overloaded managers (concerned about the completeness of files, corrections, re-entries, reminders, compliance checks, fraud detection, etc.)
- Business managers slowed down (offers take a long time to put online, little agility and autonomy)
- Dissatisfied customer relations managers (low acquisition and retention rates with incomplete customer journeys)

So, the automation of file creation is therefore THE solution.

Streamline for Business is finally revolutionising the processing of applications thanks to the best SaaS service for automating the creation of applications.

It's a solution :
- In the hands of the business (ability to provide all the agility to put any type of file online in a few clicks)
- Engaging for customers (by providing an intelligent collection interface in real time and guaranteeing visibility)
- Serving managers (by eliminating all the time-consuming tasks of this stage: correction, reminder, notification, control)
- For the security of the company/organisation (by ensuring 100% complete, compliant records and the ability to detect fraud attempts)

For this, we have accelerators such as: repositories of parts (more than 130), algorithms, processes and internal and external controls (more than 150)... ready to use.

Streamline for Business is efficient because its functional scope is to focus on file building and nothing else. And to achieve this efficiency, Streamline for Business has opted for simplicity rather than complexity, in particular with a solution that can be implemented immediately: 5 DAYS! (immediate activation of the service, onboarding and business training, API configuration (front and back)).

Our references can testify to this: Mutavie, MNH, CALEF, etc.

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