IXUP, Secure Your Data Analytics

avtor: IXUP Limited

Unique analytics environment for performing computations directly on multiple encrypted datasets.

IXUP is a software environment that enables safer, smarter data collaboration. Encrypted-by-design, it provides 100% security, privacy and control.

Securely connect and collaborate with data outside of your organisation, without ever unlocking it, identifying it or losing control.

Utilising homomorphic encryption, IXUP protects data at every step in the collaboration process – at rest, in transit and in use – so at no point is it vulnerable to the risk of data loss or misuse.

Joint analytics can be performed on confidential, sensitive, or personal data and insights shared without third party involvement or worrying about the integrity or destination of your organisation’s data.

IXUP offers an analytics environment, operating entirely within the Microsoft Azure cloud, with a unique governance control protocol that enables data from multiple sources to be connected without ever being decrypted. IXUP also incorporates the Five Safes framework allowing clients to assign precisely the level of security control they want for each of the five safes (namely projects, people, settings, data and output) .

IXUP provides an easy to use, drag-and-drop interface to work on data modelling and computations over encrypted data (including AES 256 and homomorphic MS Seal). IXUP’s smart matching technology (exact, probabilistic and geo) then identifies matches in the encrypted data to expose secure insights.

IXUP’s product also offers direct connectivity to all major data warehouses (Azure Data Warehouse, Snowflake, RedShift, BigQuery) and business intelligence tools (including Power BI and Tableau) to work/report on the results of any computation, as permissioned by the data owners.

IXUP’s unique approach solves the problems associated with traditional data sharing techniques. With IXUP, data owners always remain in complete control of their data sets as well as the computational results including the inputs and outputs of each computation. Data owners do not have to share data and can perform computations directly on encrypted data, unlike traditional techniques requiring decryption before any data manipulation can be done.

Guarantee a safe and secure environment to enrich data with IXUP.

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