Performa 365

avtor: Ekspertni softverski sustavi za podrsku efikasnom razvoju talenata d.o.o.

Performa 365 is a solution for training and testing employee readiness to adopt changes.

Modern and personalized knowledge distribution platform.

We offer our clients a simple and effective Platform to build a strong organizational culture of learning and change management, whatever it may be, bringing the organization to a state of readiness to accept and manage change in a way that the organization had always worked that way. Primary for organization competences development and change management in all industries. 

Our Value Proposition:

·       Bring your organization in the state of readiness to accept and manage changes in such a way that it causes little to no disruption

·       Develop your employees’ skills and competencies

·       Establish digital platform for continuous training of your employees

·       Increase your workforce’s productivity / decrease business expenses 

·       Facilitate business process improvements

·       Cloud Solution – ready for installation for client within 1 hour

·       Enable employee training supported on any device, anytime, anyplace!


  • Organize and facilitate training and development to help increase productivity and work performance
  • Introduce new strategic competencies
  • Prepare employees for (digital) transformation by testing their readiness to implement/accept changes
  • Maximize the impact of changes and minimize the loss of business performance in the process
  • Support employees’ continuous improvement by implementing personalized training and development programs

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