Blue Yonder Supply Chain Planning and Operations

JDA Software - Global

Take charge of your planning process and achieve cross-functional alignment

Effective planning today is a process of continual plan updates that replace the past practice of updating at a set frequency such as daily, weekly or monthly. You need the agility to incorporate updates dynamically at any time based on new information, and a critical component in gaining this planning agility is the ability to apply global optimization in conjunction with local rebalancing.

With its patented solvers, Blue Yonder’s solution is unmatched in both speed and scalability to handle global networks with visibility down to the local level. These supply planning capabilities can accelerate any supply chain, no matter how large, with dynamic and event-based master production planning. Supply planning minimizes the resources involved in planning activities with features such as constraint-based rules, automated decision making and exception-based reporting. These capabilities help ensure that your planners’ attention is focused only on issues that are critical for the performance of your global supply chain
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