Jeeo (AI Chatbot) for Local Government

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Jeeo (AI Chatbot) for Local Government

Your city, town, or county's external Website can seem daunting and overwhelming to the average citizen. The visit often results in a call to your Local Government Call Center (311) where citizens can be kept on hold with simple questions or inquiries. Your Call Center staff are busy, stressed, and overworked. Jeeo can help.


Jeeo is an AI chatbot, powered by the Microsoft Cloud, that helps citizens get to the content they need to meet common inquiries and requests.

Jeeo is easily trained by your skilled departmental staff;

Animal Services
Taxes and Property Assessment
Environmental Services
Building and Planning
Parks and Recreation
Social Programs and Services
Public Safety


Jeeo comes pre-loaded with 50 of the most common FAQ's of a modern, local government call center.

What's the transit schedule?
How do I report a pothole?
I need a new pet licence.
Who's my government representative?
Do I need a permit to build a deck?
What are our waste regulations?
Who can I speak to about park maintenance?
What are my tax payment options?
(and 42 more!)


Jeeo provides visitors a 24x7 call center experience while, at the same time, reducing support costs for local governments;

Give Jeeo a FREE 90 day internship and put some life back into your local government's website experience.

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