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WiFi Marketing Solution

JoinMyWifi is a WiFi marketing solution. Our cloud software, can be connected with any WiFi, and transform it into a proximity marketing tool. This tool helps businesses collect customer data and communicate with customers, within the WiFi area. In essence, it provides new ways to advertise, share discount coupons and request feedback. With proximity marketing, a business can deliver personalized promotional content to the users while they are physically present in their premises and even more...

For example, a customer connects to the WiFi of a business that is using JoinMyWifi. At that moment, the browser pops-up, the customer is shown the offer of the hour, and the business, captures their contact details through the login process, in exchange for providing free WiFi. One can log in via Facebook, Google, or by providing email or phone number or password. After login, we redirect the customer to a preferred webpage. In this example, you can see a typical 3-steps flow, but the flow itself is highly customizable. To gain internet access one must complete the flow, in which case it counts as one successful connection in our system. As you see, there is no need for a mobile application to be installed here.

Continuing our example, two hours later, while still there and browsing, the customer is redirected to a feedback page. In case of a bad rating, the manager is instantly notified in order to take immediate action and convert the dissatisfied customer to a happy one. Three months later, let’s say the person has not returned to the business yet, an automatic follow-up message with a discount coupon, is sent, to make them visit again.

Each business via a web dashboard can gain access to information about customers and a set of tools to analyze the data and customize the platform features. Here you can see the number of unique customers, the number of contact details collected, the number of successful connections and demographics such as age, gender, and device used.

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