Softline Total Voice

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TOTAL VOICE is a billing app for TEAMS direct routing with any combination of certified SBCs/GWs.

This offer is only available in English language. 

TOTAL VOICE is a SaaS built for Microsoft TEAMS phone system voice networks, which is available across any industries and segments. Is an application designed to help your company to maintain expense control in the same way that they did it in the traditional digital and IP era. 

Now your organization can migrate your voice network to the cloud with strict budget politics as the old PBXs provided to your organization. Keep your budget allocation just as it is, with the hierarchy assignation that traditionally has corresponded to your employees. 

Take smart routing decisions on your voice network, based in carriers, tariffs, minute rates or congestion. Help your organization to save money in minutes with the regional view that you can have of your Voice Network and the decisions that you can make immediately based on the consumption dashboards.

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