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A fully automated Data Ingestion/Syndication process to transfer data from SAP to Azure Lake

Velocity is a Data Ingestion/Syndication process that will transfer data from your SAP and non-SAP systems into your Azure data lake.

The process is:

- Fully automated
- Deployable in hours
- Does not require any additional infrastructure (ie. servers)
- Fully end-user configurable and can be managed by administrators without any development to add new source SAP systems, new tables to the lake, etc.
- A serverless solution, meaning no additional servers are required in order to deploy and operationalise the SAP to Azure integration. Consider it as a bridge that connects directly between your SAP/Source systems and the target Azure system(s). This reduces infrastructure and support costs, reduces solution complexity, increases security and deployment speed.


Velocity integration only has two endpoints (SAP and Azure), data is never 'at-rest' outside of the security of the SAP or Azure system(s), reducing security vulnerabilities. During transfer, data is encrypted and only ever at-rest when saved within the security of the lake, no intermediate databases are required. Users have the ability to encrypt the at-rest data in the lake if desired for additional security.
Velocity was created with data security in mind and leverages the SAP authorisation model to control data access from SAP to Azure.


Velocity keeps the data lake in sync with your SAP data and removes the dependency of overnight batch processing. There is no requirement for SAP-BW, nor any ETL tool/jobs nor any other batch file generation processes to complicate and elongate the time taken to process deltas/CDC into the target lake.
Velocity enables a real-time data feed into your Data Lake providing visibility to issues instantly enabling action as they unfold. This enables better control of your business by reacting to key metrics immediately as they occur, limiting impacts through immediate actionable insights.
As part of the Velocity deployment, we provide a suite of PowerBI dashboards that provide the ‘Top Ten of Everything’ for SAP systems, showing the best and worst key business metrics across your business, with real-time SAP data, enabling immediate action.


Deployment can be performed in hours using a straightforward process, and consists of only SAP transports and Azure code deployments. Once these are deployed, SAP datasets can be syndicated to Azure within minutes of installation.
Absolutely zero development is required to move any SAP data to the Azure data lake – including full CDC/deltas, ensuring that it is kept inline with source SAP system.


Users can add new SAP systems, new tables etc to the Azure Data lake in minutes without any user involvement - this is performed through a user configuration screen accessed via Azure.
For more info see our product page

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