Business Asset Monitoring and Maintenance

KAISPE IoT Portal is a fully functional web portal that helps users manage IoT devices, design telemetry rules, view device notifications etc. all from a single place. The portal has been developed for users manage IoT devices connected with an IoT platform like Microsoft Azure IoT, define telemetry for a device or group of devices and design rules for the telemetry data. It also provides rule based and machine learning based predictive maintenance for business assets. It uses Azure Machine Learning to provide asset health predictions for example, vibration analysis, motor power analysis, remaining useful life etc. It is a Software as a Service (based on Azure) solution that requires no support at a plant level. KAISPE solution is applicable to multiple types of assets and is deployed in a matter of hours. It helps asset managers and maintenance staff get alerted in real time to potential breakdown, thereby giving them advance notice to remediate the problem. Due to its flexible architecture, the solution can be integrated with a number of other IoT platforms.

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