avtor: Kanteron Systems

Precision Medicine Platform

Despite the potential of precision medicine, inefficient data sharing processes compromise patient care globally. Kanteron Systems leverages cutting-edge technology to connect and automate the integration of radiology medical imaging, digital pathology, clinical genomics, pharmacogenomics, and clinical data efficiently leading to enhanced care coordination and patient outcomes.

Kanteron’s innovative platform provides industry-leading precision medicine at the point of care (POC). It addresses disparate complex cases, like cancer-related ones by ingesting, normalizing, standardizing, integrating, analyzing and visualizing different data formats in a vendor-neutral way. As a result, pathologists and radiologists can view scans irrespective of what system they use. Furthermore, Kanteron’s robust database and genomic filtering and annotation tools allow clinicians to tailor medications based on a patient’s genomic profile within seconds.

Being open source, Kanteron’s platform assures interoperability and, therefore, rapid adoption. Available through Microsoft Azure, it can interoperate with clinical enterprise systems including RIS, LIS, and EHRs. Unlike competitors who struggle to apply algorithms on disparate patient data that are not patient-centric normalized, thereby restricting the ability to predict patient risk and disease outbreaks at-scale, Kanteron leverages industry-leading partnerships to provide advanced predictive analytics as well as quickly and accurately curate, integrate, and report diverse data streams.

Kanteron’s responsive and user-friendly interface alongside the platform’s ability to operate as individual modules or as a single solution integrated with the workflow at the POC, provides a uniquely powerful value proposition.

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