KMD CarbonKey

avtor: KMD A/S

Fully automated invoice based CO2 account covering all 3 scopes of the Green House Gas Protocol

CarbonKey provides a full account of an organizations carbon emissions according to the GHGP. The principle behind the solution is that whenever a financial spend is made the underlying acitivity generates both an emission and an invoice.
CarbonKey uses proven AI technology with a 6 year track record to categorize each invoice line according the United Nations Standard Product and Services Code (UNSPSC). The solution will match emission factors for a given UNSPSC code on a product-, unit- or spend based level. The emission factors are verified by the climate consultancy experts of Viegand Maagøe.
CarbonKey generates a fully automated updated CO2 emission account on a monthly basis which makes it possible to work with your carbon emission budget in the same way that you work with your financial account.
CarbonKey also makes it possible to simulate carbon and financial effect of given initiatives and track effect based on actuals from invoice data.

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