KFactory Virtual Engineers - SaaS


KFactory Virtual Engineers powered by Teams and Azure - 12 months subscription

The Team of Virtual Engineers. This new and unique concept of a virtual engineer is helping operations managers to be in control of the operational process real-time and to make decisions quickly based on real-time data from various sources and allowing them to spend more time on the shop floor and focus on the high value activities. Our Virtual Engineers understand operational and learn processes, extract real-time data and serve it in natural language to decision makers, leaving them to spend more time where it really matters. Data is extracted from vertical systems (e.g. ERP, MES, asset management solutions, warehouse, etc.) or unstructured documents (Excel files). Then, the data is compiled by KFactory Virtual Engineers Engine and delivered in natural language to operational managers and personnel through a popular channel like Microsoft Teams.

Virtual Engineers are powered by Microsoft Azure, Teams and Power Automate with the following components:

- IoT components: IoTHub

- Databases: Azure Database for MySQL and Azure Cosmos DB

- Data management: Data Factory

- Compute: Azure functions

- Web: App services, API Management services, Azure Cognitive Services

- Power Platform: Power Automate

We have built a Virtual Engineer for each operational process within a factory:

  • Production Virtual Engineer can create and manage improvement plans, ask for feedback following meetings, knows the deadlines for different activities, and notifies all parties involved. By being connected to various data sources, the Production Engineer is the first to detect abnormalities in production.
  • Maintenance Virtual Engineer works closely with maintenance teams. It knows the deadlines for maintenance activities and communicate to the responsible person, it requests tools or spare materials from the warehouse. It provides real time access to the maintenance knowledge base and information on how to solve a problem in the field.
  • Supply Chain Virtual Engineer ensures that orders, reservations, notifications, and other specific activities from the supply chain flow are managed in real time. Internal supply chain is the backbone of production in any factory.
  • Quality Virtual Engineer is designed to understand each customer’s quality process and share the relevant findings with decision makers. The Quality Virtual Engineer is a natural extension of any quality team in a factory. By monitoring quality-related data, our Virtual Engineers understand when issues occur and notify decision makers.
  • Green Virtual Engineer is monitoring carbon footprint sources monitoring directly from the factories, helping manufacturing companies to reduce emissions and comply with the new regulations. The Green Virtual Engineer is able to recommend best practices for reducing emissions, in the context of operational processes optimization by using artificial intelligence.

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